Interesting Revelation

I have not been a long-standing member and follower of twitter. It was only recently that it was suggested to me, by a colleague that I should create an account and join the “21st Century”. I quickly found out that I am way behind in the world of social networking and also in the areas of technological understanding and use in the classroom. Therefore, I made some changes as they have been presented to me either by someone I know or many that I don’t. Needless to say at present there is only one connection that I made in the E-world that wasn’t what I was looking for.

With that in mind, I have tired to actively engage in conversations and discussion, and have also tried to read the vast majority or post or suggest link that have been added. I am sure that most can agree that this is potentially time-consuming, if not you are welcome to have a conversation with my wife. Anyway, there is no way that I am able to read every suggested reading and post that is tweeted however, I do not want to limit myself, my access to information to people and resources or only see a few points of view. So what do you do?

I was recently direct messaged about an inquiry I had made to take a look at Wordle. A wonderful suggestion not only for my purposes in class, but also personally, at least that I have found. For those that don’t know Wordle, will sort through a specific set of words or an entire blog and track which words are used most often, and then present them according to quantity in a visual display. The more a word is used the larger it will appear, you can even limit the settings to see the 10 most common words. Great you say.

How often have you read the title to a post or reading, gotten halfway through the post and said to yourself this is not what I expected, its way off track and in left field. Well, you I have found that if you wanted you can use Wordle from time to time to see if a great title is supported with a written piece of work and whether it aligns with what you assumed it should or would.

The following are three great examples.

It should be apparent in the first picture that the main points or the ones that stand out are hugs and students, followed by assessments (tests and standardized) finished with individual. This a good thing, as they were the primary focuses of my last four blog entries.

I don’t believe that this should be used to make readings better or should be used as a filter, I just found it interesting. I found that it also re-affirmed my understandings or beliefs about specific issues. I believe that appropriate assessment and individualism is important for children. I also believe that hugs and showing that you care are important elements in my career.

I used wordle on two other blogs, simply to confirm my understandings and interpretations of what I had read. My perceptions were correct. The one was written by an administrator and the last was completed by an individual who was upset by the purposed changes to evaluating teachers in the United States.  Give it a try, and tell me what you think.


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