Making Time to Make Change

Anyone in the field of education knows that the last month of school is a busy time of year. As teachers we are scrambling to finish of the remaining objectives of the curriculum while review those covered in the year for finals and other exams. In addition to this teachers are required to complete their report cards and a great many other professional documents as well as plan or assist in the planning of year-end activities and farewell or graduation ceremonies. So if this is a small look at what teachers have to do, many of us can imagine what is required of a principal. Mr. Couros is the Principal of our school, he is also the principal of two other schools and although, he will agree, he has two great Assistant Principal’s that still means that his work load is tripled.

Today, however George sent an email first thing in the morning asking if some of the boys were up to a basketball challenge, one of Georges passions in life. We were eager to accept, it is always nice to have George come a visit with the kids, they really enjoy interacting and learning with him, and his face always lights up when he is working with kids, which is another great passion of his.  Needless to say the kids and George had a great time. As I watched everyone playing basketball, not participating because I am built more like a tank, I thought this would be an excellent post for #WeAct. However, while I was writing this I realized that this is more than a #WeAct related post, this is a I am going to make a difference in the lives of a specific group of children.

The students I work with have concerns in regards to schooling. Needless to say aside from their difficulties and negative experiences within the classroom. Most of the students, if not all within our school have not had the best of interactions with their principals and school administrators. For many of them the reason they are known within the office wasn’t because the helped the office, because they were athletes or high achievers. The students in my school are know for their negative behaviors, attitudes and conduct. So I can confidentially state that for most of them, when they are introduced to school administrators they either become frightened or the opposite defiant.

However the work and relationships (a very important element to George) that George has developed with the students in my school, has broken down those barriers and misconceptions. The students are aware that George is the Principal, but they are also comfortable in interacting with him, joking with him. All to often students dis-associate with administrators and connect more closely with teachers, however in this case the students consider George another teacher and someone to build a relationship with. It is great to see, even though as administration George may not be able to teach the students curriculum, his passion and devotion to children is teaching them non-the-less. I hope that when I become a Principal or Assistant Principal I remember and am able to be as involved as George is.


4 thoughts on “Making Time to Make Change

  1. Wow Shawn…I really appreciate your kind words. I know that working with the kids and doing these types of things is good practice, but I sometimes do it for purely selfish reasons. I enjoy working with these guys and hope that they can learn a little from my kindness towards them. I know that you feel the same about kids so I am sure that implementing this when you are an administrator will not be an issue. Kids really do a lot for us and I always believe that in schools these are mutually beneficial relationships. Thanks again for writing this!


    • Your welcome George, Writing the post was the easy thing, like you said sometimes we just do it because. I simply wrote what I observed and becasue it is a rare sight I needed to write it. Thank you for being an inspiration.

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