Summer – A learning perspective.

As we enter the second week of summer hoildays, I am currently on my second adventerous trip. Although nowhere near as interesting as some of my other teaching colleagues, I am still relaxing and have been enjoying days of lounging and waking up later then usual. Other benefits, are being able to do those things that I love, working in the yard, golfing and working out. Draw back, it has been two weeks and I am becoming increasingly anxious.

I find my mind traveling to my two boxes of resooures that I, know are sitting on my shelves in my classroom. generally after my two hour workout sessions, I catch my self thinking that I now have the time and energy to go thourgh my plans from last year and plan for what the next year may bring. On more than one occasion I have caught myself following tweets of my PLN and while waiting for responses, looking at my last years SMART board applications and programs that I developed for everything from literacy to math.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bored and it is not like I do not have enough to keep me busy for the summer. There are so many things that I have learned since blogging, tweeting and building relationships with teachers around the world. I  think I can finally say that I am exhibiting traits of life long learning.

Upon reflection, summer isn’t only time for teachers to vacation, to recharge their imaginary batteries and to spend time with their families. It is the time to reconnect with our passions. To once again add to our ever going, now appropriately termed Hard Drives. To refine our understandings, plans and and ideas and finally, to learn about those elements we wanted to over the year.

This may not be the case for everyone in the teaching profession, however I can assume that for many, especially those in my PLN that it holds true. I can validate this assumption by the many tweets and conversations that I have observed. I am looking forward to the next school year, however don’t misunderstand,  I am not in no way wishing away summer. I am just eagerly looking forward to trying some of the many things I am learning.


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