What will they Remember?

A colleague of mine George Couros recently asked the question, “What will your students remember about you“. This question really got me thinking. If this is the first post of mine that you are reading, you maybe unfamiliar with my teaching experience and back ground. To put it mildly, I currently teach severe special needs, however my previous experience was working with severe special needs, as well as those awaiting judicial consequences, those who were transitioning out of the judicial system or those that were at the end of their line, with no place to go.

So why the back ground, well many of the students that I taught, were not happy to be where they were as they were not there by choice. In addition, many of the students that I taught, did not trust adults. Needless to say, I believe that I was able to make some ever lasting impressions on the students that I worked with.

Why and for what? Why, well that is easy, for many of the kids that I taught, I was different. Not only in physical appearance but also in how I approached education and how I dealt with severe behaviors. That combined with the contact that I have kept with some of the students, has revealed that I did make an impression. The what is the most interesting.

Most of my students both the ones in secondary and those in elementary, can attest that I am honest. I pride myself on being honest and real with my students. I consciously avoid sugar coating information and the answers to questions. Obviously I am more considerate with the younger children I work with, but the older students that I worked with appreciated it. It meant that I never promised what I couldn’t deliver, I kept it real, as one student put it I didn’t disappoint and for many of the students it open, slowly, the door to building relationships.

That is what I would say that my students will remember about me.

What will they remember about you?


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