How are we Preparing our Children.

As this is a very important subject area and one that continually evolves, it is safe to say that there will be related parts to this post. Over the summer I have been catching up on many of the suggested readings that I was given by members of my PLN and PLC . In amongst many of the readings and information I have found many interesting ideas, suggestions and more importantly questions.

There are many questions and concerns being raised about how current education models and practices are preparing upcoming and future generations for the 21st century and for life outside the classroom. There are also many theories, suggestions and ideas as to what direction should be taken and what to focus on, while also addressing that to exclude.

This post will however only summarize the information that I have gather in relation to what society is expecting students to learn and be proficient in. I have found that employers and society as a whole expect that recent students and graduates will understand and be able to use technology and the internet. However their continue to be areas that big business still consider to be important for individuals to have and that educators should develop in students.

The desired traits are as follows:

Effective written and verbal communication skills.

Honesty and Integrity.

Teamwork skills.

Interpersonal skills.

Self Motivation & Initiative.

Strong work Ethic.

Analytical skills.

Skills in technology.

Organizational skills.

Creative minds.

From many of my readings and interpretations, I have summarized that most of what society wants and what schools need to attempt to produce are students that go beyond the ability to read, write, use a calculator and find something on the internet. What is needed is character and competence, the question now is are we providing this and if not how do we intend to.


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