A great place to Learn.

As an educator that grew up in the early 70’s and began teaching before the turn of the century, I as many others  associated learning with the traditional concept of a classroom. As time progressed there became the availability of learning online. Another form of learning that involved sitting in, this time your own house or office learning once again in the traditional aspect. Someone provides the information and we as students absorb, internalize, evaluate and process the information. Now a few more years into the future, the internet and more recently for me, Twitter.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have the desire to one day become an adm
inistrator. However rewind for a moment, recall those classes that you took in University about becoming a teacher, what to do as a teacher, how to build lesson and unit plans. Now I ask you to reflect, what percentage of what you learned in university or college or read in a text do you currently use within your classroom. I will wager that it is a very low percentage.

I have no reservations admitting that most of my learning came from experience, talking with experienced teachers and observing other teachers that I personally considered effective and innovative teachers. This comes to the reason of my post. I strongly believe in learning from the experiences, summations and information provided from others, not from reading something in a text or listening a lecture. I also believe that when an educator is willing to put some of themselves in their presentations and teachings that it reveals their passion, commitment and dedication to students and to education.

For the above reason I was greatly appreciative and very excited about a new resource accessible to teachers, leaders and other administrators that can be accessed for information, ideas and experiences of administrators that have made and continue to make progressive changes and innovations in educations, as well as within their schools.

Take a look at Connected Principals, it is a great site contributed to by many great administrators the likes of

I have personally book marked the page to continue learning from it throughout the school year. By reading their  experiences, posts and ideas I trust that I will learn significantly more than I would in a seminar, reading from a text or attending a lecture. I look forward to learning from these individuals. Essentially, I am looking at my professional learning network through Twitter to enhance my learning and to continue to challenge me to learn more. Thank you to my PLN


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