Loyalty – a myth or something worth teaching.

By definition, Loyalty, is faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause. I attempt to display this when teaching and also when possible attempt to teach the students I work with some aspects and elements of loyalty.

Loyalty to themselves, to family, a loved one and by definition to things that are bigger such as a group, country or cause. However, after a long conversation today with an old friend, who may not have been as fortunate as myself both academically, and financially I question loyalty in regards to larger things such as a group, cause, company or such.

My friend diligently and adequately worked for the same company since high school. Assisting where needed, many times going above and beyond the regualr requirements of staaff. IN addition my friend also trained many of the new individuals that now work, where he does.

Today, he was called into a meeting with a manager who has been with his company for roughly three years. This manager wants to implement and create change, however it became apparent today that this would come at a price, my friend.

In with the new, out with the old. We have all heard, seen and maybe experienced this old cliche, but I never thought it would happen to someone as old or in my case as young as me. My friend attempted to reason with the management comming up with possible alternatives that would benefit and accomodate, all parties, however management stayed fast and simply stated choose one of the new alternatives or we will help you find the door.

I no longer wonder why some many teachers, like myself struggle to teach concepts such as loyalty. Loyalty is a personal choice, one that makes an individual a better person with appealing qualities, and just because an individual displays loyalty does not mean that it is going to be reciprocated, but how do I teach students to be good people when in the next breath I must prepare them to accept it not to be something returned?


4 thoughts on “Loyalty – a myth or something worth teaching.

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  2. With any act you should not expect the same act in return, but why be selfish, i know it will be hard to explain to anyone why not to be loyal. Loyalty should be valued. one should strive for virtue

  3. Loyalty to me is everything a lifestyle and I don’t have any friends anymore because of it but I won’t let others change me because of their loyalty i will stand In front of a friend in a bar fight even if they were in the wrong and most of the time I’m smaller then them and I protected and helped so many people in my 30 years but now when I need people theirs no one there but me and that’s ok I get to see what people are made of I’ve helped out friends with money and you never see or hear from them again and that’s ok I get to learn how cheap of a person they are and that they have no loyalty and it’s worth the loss because in the long run you will save a lot of time and money and they miss out on Having a loyal friend that these days don’t seem to exist but my friends that I do have that don’t live near me are the best a man could ask for no matter what I ask of them they will do without question as I would for them and I don’t see or talk to them much because I know no matter whatever i do or say they will always have my back and the feeling of freedom to be yourself is with true loyal people because loyalty means so much that nothing can break it cuz if your TRUELY loyal all the other stuff comes easy like honesty ,commitment a loyal person won’t cheat so won’t have to lie about it a loyal person don’t steal because they are loyal to themselves all I’ve wanted my hole life was to have someone like me in my life just to know the feeling and the power that comes along because I’ve watched fake people do things just because they knew I was there and also being loyal to new people to learn if they are or not is very stressful because I feel like I’m the last honest person left because I say what I think I even Warn people I meet never ask a question they might not like the answer to because I will lose them before I lie to them I wish I had more of answer to help you but it’s the same question I’ve been asking myself and only thing I can say is when they find it it’s worth more then gold and just as hard to find but in the long run it don’t matter what other people think only what you think about yourself and my loyalty makes me feel better about not having a lot of people that are fake and will use me and run away and after my accident in 2006 at 21 years old it was hard to handle that most of the people turned out to be trash and I’m better off with out them so I have people I party and hang with but that’s all they are is a good time because if I wanted a group of friends to do that with i would never find that many loyal people and I’m honest about where my loyalties are so they have a choice to make if they want my loyalty or not I give everyone a chance to show their true colors but my loyalty and honesty in the business world made me lots of money because I would never sell anything I didn’t believe in or do anything at the cost of my name that my father pasted down it was clean when I got it and it will be clean when I pass it along because everyone deep down knows when someone is being honest or not and my loyalty has always been with the customer and will fight my own boss for them and back everything I say even at the cost of my job because later on you never know when they will be a client again and any good boss will respect you for it because they can’t pay you with out them sorry for such a long reply I just hope it helps and if you have any better reasons I would love to hear them I was in special education classes growing up so I can relate to your students and I still ask myself why I’m so loyal because the disloyal people have a lot more friends but I guess comes down to quantity or quality and I don’t need trash in my life well good luck teaching this if you get just a few to understand and take it to heart you will better mankind for long after your gone so don’t give up
    Andy Clarke

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