How can I help?

We all bring something to our schools, in addition to the learning communities that we are part of. Personally, I will admit that the world of technology, web 2.0 and many new applications available on the internet are not in my area of expertise. Well then what do I bring to the table.

Well, aside from my passion for relationships, education, growth and learning, I bring a passion and understanding of Special Education and many of the elements that are associated with Special Education. If you are unfamiliar with my background and experience in education, I will give you a brief description, however for a more detail representation I welcome you to look at some of my other posts and poke around in my E-folio.

For the majority of my educational career I have worked with, assisted, modified curriculum, changed perceptions of and educated students with severe special needs.  I am not referring to students that have a single issue or concerns or a student with a single diagnosed disability. I am referring to students that have multiple diagnosed disorders and are sometimes termed as Students with Severe Emotional and Behavioral issues.

After speaking with a well respected and trusted colleague, I came to the conclusion that there are limited resources and available information for my colleagues, not only in my school division but around the world in relation to special education. However, through our discussion we also concluded that many of the techniques that are implemented and used in special education settings would also benefit and assist mainstream students. So periodically I hope to post information, one to explain elements of special education that may cause some confusion or questions, but also to share approaches that are effectively used in special educational settings that may prove useful and beneficial to regular classroom settings.

I have compiled a list of topics that I will be posting about:

  • Alternate Curriculum
  • Specific Reading Materials
  • Anger and or Stress Management
  • Special Education Teacher for Resource or Withdrawal Support
  • Test and Exam Support
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Behavior Management
  • Classroom Modifications – Alternate Seating Arrangements
  • Curriculum Modifications and Adjustments
  • Learning Strategies
  • Educational Assistant Support
  • Peer Teaching
  • Self Contained Class
  • Technology Support
  • Facility Modifications or Adjustments
  • Partial School Day
  • Toileting, Feeding
  • Time Out and or Physical Restraints
  • Volunteer Assistance
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Withdrawal Support
  • Community Work Experience
  • Social Integration
  • Supervision For Non-Instructional Time
  • Smaller Class Size
  • Special Time Table

however I am certain that there are topics and questions that I may overlook. Please feel free to suggest some topics or even ask some questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability. If I am however, unable to answer your question I am sure that I will be able to direct you to an appropriate source for the answers you are seeking.


7 thoughts on “How can I help?

  1. What a great post. I really like how you have are willing to meet the needs of your learners (both children & learners in your PLN) where they are. This responsiveness is a great asset and must endear people to you. Thank you for sharing your expertise & I will share your blog with Learning Assistance teachers in my district in particular. Happy blogging!

    • Mmeveilleux, thank you in advance for the mention to your colleagues. I look forward to sharing the information and ideas that I have and have accumulated over the years. I am also excited with the collaboration opportunities that would arise, I enjoy discussing and bouncing ideas off colleagues. I was poking around in among my twitter contacts, basically looking at profiles, and noticed that there are very few individuals that have a background specifically related to Special Education, and with current trends focusing not only in technology, but also including all individuals in education. I hope that the information that I post is informative and relevant. Thanks again.

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  3. I am a special ed teacher, but I deal mostly with LD/ADD/ADHD kids. I just added your blog to my igoogle page and look forward to learning from you!

    • Thank you for following, I look forward to not only sharing information and ideas with you, but also to the conversations I am sure we are going to have. If you have any questions do not heistate to send them in my direction. I can be followed on twitter or you are welcome to email me at
      Thanks again.

  4. I am glad that I came upon your site via twitter. I teach students with emotional/behavioral disabilities, and I’m always looking for resources and ideas for teaching these students. I would be interested in hearing about how you prepare your students and the regular education teachers ( I dislike that term ) for inclusive classes and situations. You may have covered this in an earlier post. Looking forward to learning from you.

    • Todd, I am glad that one you found my twitter page as well as my blog, but more importantly and excited to have met another special education teacher who is out in the technological world. There appears to be very few of us out here at the moment. In relation to how I prepare students for “regular” classrooms, I haven’t posted about that currently, but that is a great idea for my next post. I will gladly share some of my ideas and experiences. I also look forward to sharing ideas with you and having some great dialogue in regards to the issues and circumstances that we (special ed) teachers encounter. Once again thanks for following.

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