Why do I Blog ?

Many of my friends, colleagues and even my sister (an educator) have asked this question. I have tried to explain to them the reasons I chose to start blogging, but I don’t think I sat back and took the time to fully think about why I continue to blog and what keeps me motivated.

I originally began blogging after it was suggested by a trusted colleague and administrator that it would be a great way, not only to share ones ideas, experiences and reflections, but that I could also use my Blog as an E-portfolio. So after some, actually a lot of assistance my blog came to life. The initial setup was really simple and so were the first categories that I completed, but most of my work was towards my E-folio. It was at this point that the same colleague suggested that, I take the time to write a blog post. So I asked what am I supposed to write about, I had never written something that would be available to the entire world and was feeling a little intimidated. He said write something you know about.

So I started to write my first post, but lets just say that it was a little too wordy and too specifically oriented, but none the less it was out there. Some what excited, yet also apprehensive I checked on my post daily to see whether someone had read it and to see if any one had commented on it. Regretfully, not one comment. So I returned to my Social Media mentor and asked “what am I doing wrong?”. He gave me some advice, and suggestions, but the most important one was keep at it and don’t give up.

Without going into too much detail I will say that it wasn’t until my third or fourth post that I received my first comment. I was, to say the least, elated and immediately replied to the comment. Instantly I was hooked, but then I experienced the worst thing a rookie blogger could. . . writers block. To me it seemed that everyone was blogging about things that they were well versed in, but what I was well versed in didn’t seem to interest others, at least I thought.

It wasn’t till I read a Post by Michelle Baldwin that I remembered what my mentor had said, and I changed my writing style and what I write about. Which if you have read any of my posts are about relationships, assessment, special education, building partnerships and responding to a larger social context.

So why do I Blog:

To share my experiences and reflections

To share what occurs in my class

To reveal my passion for education and my understanding of education.

To provide some insight and ideas when it comes to Special Education.

Finally to ask questions.

Although I may not be as famous or well known as a blogger, as are some of the individuals that I have on my blog roller or Google reader. I have had some great comments and feed back in relation to my posts. I strongly believe that reflection, criticism (constructive) and feed back are essential elements not only in my blogging, but also in my teaching. Is that not what we as teachers are SUPPOSED to be doing, to make what and how we teach more effective.

The comments have also allowed me to improve my writing, while more importantly increasing my professional network, which has even resulted in a collaborative post, with Kelly Power, another amazing adventure and experience.

I will continue to blog, as I believe that it allows me to improve my teaching, because blogging allows me to reflect on my teaching. Although I still get very excited, when I see how many visitors have viewed a post or when I am responding to comments about my post, I am not deterred if there are not as many as I expected. To quote an amazing educator that I have recently connected with “It doesn’t matter if I have 2 readers or 2000” as long as I am reflecting and sharing, I am improving as an educator.

That Is why I Blog


11 thoughts on “Why do I Blog ?

  1. What a great post! I was asking a lot of questions today on Twitter about blogging and about what people do when other teachers are reluctant to blog (either on their own or with their class). I think that sharing a post like yours with others would help inspire people to start blogging and to see the value in blogging too. I will definitely be sharing this post with my colleagues when they start to ask about blogging. You have given me a lot to think about. Thank you!


  2. Thanks Aviva, that is a great compliment coming from a great educator like yourself. I am having the same struggle with some educators I know myself, mainly my sister. I can’t wait to see what your “Why I blog” post will look like. Also an early thanks, for showing and sharing this with your colleagues.
    Enjoy the school year, I am sure we will share more ideas as the year marches on.

  3. Thanks Shawn! That’s so nice of you to say. I hadn’t really thought of doing a “Why I Blog” post, but now you have me thinking. You may have just inspired me to do one of my own. I will need to think what to include. After reading your amazing post, it’s going to be hard to create one on a similar subject.

    Thanks though, and thank you for providing me with a wonderful resource to share with colleagues!


    P.S. I hope that your sister chooses to do some blogging of her own too. Once you start, you really do realize the power of this great tool!

    • I think that similar posts are great, in that it gives multiple views on a single subject. With so many of us blogging I think it is an excellent way to get those that are hesitant to start.

      I am looking forward to your post.

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  5. Good post! It’s good to know that my apprehension as a beginning blogger is totally normal! I also liked the visual! I guess if I don’t have many followers (0 last time I checked) I will at least have a collection of resources and ideas to reflect upon when all is said and done.

    • Mike you are correct it is, at least for me a place to write down my thoughts and reflections and to have them ten years from now. In respect to followers, like I said my first post didn’t get one hit or visit and it took some time to build my PLN. You are also right, it is a little scary to put yourself, your ideas and your thoughts out there for everyone to see, to comment on and to judge, but we expect our students. I have had some people laugh at my posts, and some criticize, but over all those people that I have met that I respect the most are the ones that have helped me grow in my writing and posting. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading one of your posts.

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