Good Intentions vs. Murphy’s Law (Lady Smashing Computer that needs repair)

All summer I have been planning and learning to incorporate web 2.0 elements and social media in my lessons and for the students. I came in late last week to ensure that the computers were ready to go, updated and all connected. Yesterday, before having to take care of some personal things I put the final touches on the lesson for the first day.

All excited I started the day with my usual  welcome and who I am. Followed by a lesson focusing on:

What we want to accomplish this year?

What do we want to learning this year?

How are we going to get to where we want to go?

What should our behaviors look like?

Having discussed all this and coming up with a great many ideas, it was time for the students to log on to their computers and start creating their plan and:

This is where the FRUSTRATION begins – internet is down on all computers that are networked. Wifi is working great, but only staff computers use Wifi. Dar-nit. Plan B – quickly print off some of the related sheets that should help, at least the students can write their ideas down, Nope. Printer is also hard wired and server will not communicate, to make matters worse photocopier is out of toner.

Why oh why, this feels like first year teacher syndrome all over again, but it has been 10 years since I started teaching. It is interesting how, we all start the year, like new years resolutions with the BEST OF INTENTIONS, but many times we don’t anticipate Murphy’s Law (if it something can go wrong – – -it will).

I hope that everyone else had a less troublesome start to their new school year.

Welcome Back!


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