Convincing a Friend to use GoogleDocs

While trying to soak up as much of the fading summer during this past long weekend, a friend & colleague of mine and I became engrossed in conversation about the upcoming school year. Although most of our friends dislike when this happens. I find that it is inevitable when educators come together. My friend began by ribbing me about tweeting and blogging, but then the conversation changed to using tools that I had learned from my PLN over the summer.

I tried to explain to my friend that I used twitter, not to follow people and  know when they had visited Starbucks, but that I was using it as a network tool to increase my PLN. To access more individuals than are in my own school division and in my province as well.  I also tried to explain that thanks to the contacts that I have made and developed through twitter that I have increased my PLE, so that I may transfer this to my students.

None the less my buddy couldn’t see the wisdom in my words, so I said lets take one items I was introduced to just before summer and have had some to enjoyment working with. Also, one that I said that he should use for his students. Although, I worked with my friend for at least four years and have often given him advice, he remained unconvinced and hesitant. I diligently attempted to show my friend the capabilities and properties of using GoogleDocs. He made comments about it not being secure, that one would have to be connected to the internet or that with out the proper tools you couldn’t use it.  He finally stated that I was being stubborn (yeah o.k.) He also stated that he was sure that not many educators used this in their teaching, that they only used it professionally. Needless to say, I couldn’t refute this without asking for the assistance from my PLN. In our limited access location (on a boat in the Okanagan) I tweeted that I needed help convincing a friend as to why someone should use GoogleDocs.

These are the responses I received from my PLN:

Aviva Dunsiger Grade1 @sram_socrates GoogleDocs is great for collaboration!Students can learn from each other&from the teacher too.Easy for editing purposes too.

KathyPerret (kmp444) KathyPerret @sram_socrates Google Docs has been a invaluable resource. I use to share info, work on doc simultaneously. No more emailing work back/4th!

Carol Gaudet carolgau @sram_socrates Google docs – collaboration between teachers and st teachers, students and teachers, students and students – I love it!

Jeremy Macdonald MrMacnology @sram_socrates Google docs allows u 2 create forms (like surveys) that can b used 2 collect info/data & organizes it instantly. Time saver.

Jeremy Macdonald MrMacnology @sram_socrates Google docs is essential. Allows you to create, share, and simultaneously edit. Great for collaboration.

Jen Clevette jenclevette @sram_socrates Googledocs: anywhere, anytime access : real time collab: no software or installs

Carol Gaudet carolgau @sram_socrates Twitter (PLN) and google docs have helped me in so many ways!

Carol Gaudet carolgau @sram_socrates When they break a memory stick and loose all their docs they will see how good google docs is… speaking from experience!

I also received a great link to a video that I was able to show my colleague as to how and why someone should use GoogleDocs

I finally explained to him that not only should he increase his PLN but that he should also be increasing his PLE. Not because it’s the new fad, but that it is the direction that not only education but many organizations are going and that he didn’t have to start using what other teachers were, but if he made that choice that he shouldn’t be surprised if he gets left behind. Needless to say, although hesitant my friend signed up and created his own Google account and will hopefully will start using it.  I guess only time will tell, however I do not understand why so many are hesitant. If you know please tell.


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