Little Leaders – The spark

Hello everyone, I just finished a great lesson with my little guys and gals about my leadership project. As my previous post stated, this year I am looking at using many of the suggestions and ideas in “The Leader in Me“, by Stephen Covey in my classroom.

My initial lesson was simple, I asked the students what a leader was and what makes a leader. The students didn’t understand at first and began stating names of individuals that were leaders like Obama, Shawn (that is me), Vlad (another staff) and other names of individuals. So, obviously to vague, I rephrased the question and asked the question what are somethings that a leader does, and although there were some interesting answers and some that were way off topic we came up with a great list that we can reflect upon later,  addition the students wanted to list what people that can not lead do. Here are the responses:

After creating the list, I was both surprised and excited. My little ones had come up with a great list. I then decided that I would ask, “to start what can you do to show you are a leader?” they came up with some simple ideas mostly relating to tasks. I was very proud, they came up with six ideas, which is great. This means that each student will have a task for the day or week. In addition one of my youngest ones asked if we could have a list or paper (chart) as he called them to remind him what he was supposed to be doing. I agreed. I asked where it should be posted, one student said at the door.

Another mentioned the following which was even better. He said “Shawn, you have that thing that comes up on the screen when you aren’t using the computer”, I replied with a yes, the screen saver. He said “yes, that thing, why don’t you write it on there and it will come up all the time”, and the sparks are starting soon the light shall be lite and there will be no stopping them. I am so proud.

As you can see my pet project is progressing, maybe not at light speed but it is. If you have any suggestions or ideas that you think my students will like or may work with them for leadership please feel free to suggest. I am new at this one. Thank you.


23 thoughts on “Little Leaders – The spark

  1. Shawn,

    This is absolutely fantastic and you know, something that I am passionate about. I would say that you are moving at the speed needed and you will see that what you are doing with students is so meaningful and is going to prepare them immensely for their future. Your students NEED to be leaders more than anyone else, as they do not have many of the things that we take for granted. What you may start to realize is that you are showing the signs of the leader by doing this. One of the best Covey quotes is, “My definition of leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.”

    Did you think you did that today?

    Great job buddy

    • Thanks George for the comment and for the mention in your post. Looking at the Covey Quote – I think that I did. In addition I truly believe that these guys are really going to enjoy the experience and be able to create a voice for them that is positive and outspoken.

  2. Shawn,

    Very inspiring! I am inspired and I’d add that as my definition of leadership – being able to motivate and inspire another. But George’s / Covey’s hits it on the head to – kind of like holding up a mirror to our students so they can see their own value and self worth.

    Great lesson idea!


    • I am glad that you are inspired. I have to thank George for subtly giving the idea and information to me to allow students to become leaders. I think that it will be a magnificent journey, not only for my students but also for myself. I believe that we will all grow immensely through this. Thanks again for the motivating comment.

  3. I’m glad to see if off to such a great start Sean. I like how you gave the students ownership of the ways they can be leaders–their ideas, their words. And I loved the idea about changing the screen saver so that it had “reminder” of what they need to be doing to be leaders. That sort of innovation will prove to be something makes this project a success.

    • Thanks Jeremy. The next lesson is going to be more intimidating and testing not only for myself but also for my students, but I am looking forward to going through it with my little ones.

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  5. Great post Shawn! I bought the book this summer. I’ll follow in your steps and start implementing on Monday. 🙂 Thanks for the push! 🙂

  6. That’s a great response form your students Shawn. I believe it’s so important that we recognise our students for the skills and talents that they have in whatever area that may be. I feel for those kids in schools where only the academic is valued. I’ve just bought the Covey book, and looking forward to reading it (in between teaching and studying 🙂 )

    • Enjoy the book, it is a fascinating story and read. I especially like the way it was laid out. I too feel for those kids where academics and possible athletic involvement is the only form or real recognition that is received. Lucky by the nature of my classroom, I am tested and required to find the skills and abilities of students in other areas. I like that 🙂

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  10. Great experience Shawn!

    Besides leadership there is another thing I would like to highlight here. You mentioned that you rephrased the question for the benefit of the students. By doing so,not only you were able to elicit remarkable responses from the students but also help them sharpen their critical thinking. According to Bloom’s taxonomy, we can sharpen children’s critical thinking by rephrasing our questions and that’s exactly what you did.

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