Exceeding Expectations

Created by a Grade 2 Student

I began the year focused on introducing many new ideas and practices into my classroom this year. I intended to assist my students in finding their strengths and creating leaders. I wanted to introduce my students to different forms of  social media. I also wanted my students to become more familiar with using technology, not only to learn with, but to learn from and use to enhance their learning.

Created by a Grade 5 Student

Now keep in mind that I must limit some of the experiences of my students mainly due to the location, circumstances and backgrounds of my students, but I remain determined to give them as many opportunities as available. In an attempt to tie in leadership, technology and social media I developed an  activity for the students to complete, I was hesitant as my students don’t like to be frustrated and have the misconception at times that computers are for playing games not learning.

I am not going to tell you the FUN we had trying to log in and remember passwords and websites, but I am sure you could imagine.

Using Twiducate I asked the students to what we should include in an assignment that was about them. The only input I had is that for now it was going to be a power-point presentation and that there were to be five slides. Through our limited but completed discussions we came up many ideas, but the element that stood out the most is that all the students wanted to talk about their favorites. I then used Edmodo to send the students their assignments. Students were required to complete their presentations, with limited assistance and then email them back to me via Edmodo

Created by a Grade 2 Student

I expected that for the majority of my students that this would be overwhelming, as it was too open and allowed for too many variables. I fully expected that I would only receive only one or two assignments. I also expected that I would have to helping assisting and modifying many of the kids work, but as you can see through out the post, and the only thing that I had to help most of the kids do was show them how to choose slides and how to insert pictures.

As you can see I am very proud of the work that my student put into their projects as for many of them this was the first time they used  Power Point, Edmodo and Twiducate. Is also the first time that they had to interact and hand in their assignments through the computer. I hope that you like the slides. Please comment I would love to show the kids the comments that other teachers have about their work.


5 thoughts on “Exceeding Expectations

  1. Wow Shawn! Your students did a wonderful job. They should be very proud of themselves! Isn’t it great when our students can exceed our expectations?! It really shows that with high expectations, students can do anything!

    Awesome job!

    • Thanks Aviva, and yes it is great, I think that is what makes my days the most special. When I see the kids smile and they get that proud little look of “look I did that me, all by myslef”. I am looking forward to having many Ah-ha moments this year with my kids and I am glad that you will be watching us. Thanks again

  2. If kids set goals they will do their best to meet them. Great presentations and a proud teacher. I bet they are already awaiting the next challenge.
    Have a great year. (You are already off to a wonderful start!)

    • Thank you very much JoAnn. I think that the greatest surprize or my kids right now is that they are being allowed to make choices and decisions. Something that they have not had the opportunity to do in sometime. The next challenge is going to be one that will challenge us all.

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