Little Leaders – chosing an assignment

Grade 4 Student

In an attempt to continue my work in building little leaders, I thought I would allow, at least for one assignment,  the students to pick (as a majority) how they would show or display their individual understandings of patterns in Mathematics.

As we are just beginning of our small but detailed unit focusing on Patterns and I wanted a quick and easy assessment of the students understandings and perceptions of patterns. After a lengthy discussion on what would be the best assignment. We had to come up with some initial criteria (an area I obviously have to put some more work into).

Here are the criteria we came up with.

Grade 5 Student


Had to be individual not copied or printed.

Had to have their name on the back.


Only one shape.

Colors show pattern.

Lines should be straight. – – – inquired what lines – – – the lines the patterns are in.

Coloring should be neat – – – – I inquired what is neat – – – – inside the lines.

Entire page should be colored.

Grade 5 Student

As you can see, scattered through out the post are the completed assignments. I will wait till the end of the unit to once again ask them to complete a picture representation of patterns. However by then we will have gone over more in relation to criteria and in self evaluation. This should allow me to ask each student to compare and evaluate their work.


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