Little Leaders – The daily decisions

In my post prior to this I spoke about how my idea of creating Little Leaders had moved from an idea to my students

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finally making a list, with some help of the positive and negative elements of being a leader. As I stated in my post the students came up with six duties that they wanted to take responsibility for daily during classes.

Here is the list of responsibilities that the students came up with:

  • Morning readingevery morning one student will read to their peers instead of it having it being teacher lead.
  • Snackeveryday there is the distribution and cleaning of snack that will be a students responsibility.
  • Handing outone student will be responsible for the handing out of any educational material.
  • Collectingone student will be responsible for the collecting of any paper work or assignments.
  • Technologyone student will be responsible for ensuring that all technology is on and properly shut down.
  • Runnerone student will be responsible for the running of any errands that are required through the day.

Although this is a what some may considers a limited list in relation to leadership, it is a step in the right direction. It is actually a very large step in the right direction for the students that I currently work with. Many of my students come from a very specialized setting. A setting that is very structured to ensure the safety of all present and to provide some structure and regularity to students that have not had any in any part of their life.

I do however believe that the largest display of leadership, was not when the students were making the list. It was when one of the students asked “what do we do if someone is not here to do their job”. So I asked what should we do. One student said that I should take over, I disagreed. One student suggested that I assign someone to take over, I said I could do that, but then one answered by saying – “we could take turns and ask to do the missing persons job”.

I informed my students that I thought that was a great idea and that I couldn’t have come up with a better one.

It shouldn’t, but there continue to be moments when my students simply surprise me with their grasp and understanding of being or becoming a leader.


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