The importantance of trust and relationships

If you have kept up with my Little Leaders, yesterday I had a difficult day with my lesson on importance. Needless to say, I was a little disheartened on the drive home. However, the real gut wrenching reality came on the drive home, I actually had to pull over and stop driving because the following song was playing on the radio.

Before you press play I would suggest you grab a tissue, if you don’t need one you are much stronger than me.

Not unlike many of my SpEd colleagues , I teach a very select group of children. Children who have been recognized as being different, coming from different and difficult backgrounds, and children that need extra care and attention.


What about those children that we don’t have all the information about, the children that come to school, listen in class, get all their work done, but never really become part of the school or classroom. The children that we want to get to know, but always seem to run out of time.

There are many teachers that I have gotten to know over the last six months through twitter that put relationships highest on the scale of what is needed in schools and classrooms:


Just to name a few. If nothing else this video should show us that no matter how much curriculum we have to get through, how many new skills and tools we must familiarize our students with and no matter how many behavior issues we have to deal with, we MUST get to know our students, all aspects and elements of our students.


12 thoughts on “The importantance of trust and relationships

  1. Wow! Powerful post and one I needed to read today. Thanks for reminding why I believe relationships are so important. I have never heard this song, and I still have tears streaming down my face. Awesome post!

    • Sorry for the tears, yes it s a powerful song and a reminder that we as teachers need to be aware not only of our students academic needs but also be aware and conscious of the emotional ones.

    • I am glad you liked the post, after hearing the song there is no way that I couldn’t give everyone the chance to realize the impact we have or can have on the lives of children.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a powerful song! Glad I took your tip about the tissue first.

    I agree with you about the importance of relationships, and I’m glad that I’ve got to learn from so many wonderful people (both online and at school). Thanks for being one of those wonderful people, Shawn!


    • Thanks Aviva, I think that there are many of us out there that just do not realize the impact we have on the lives of some children or the difference we can make. Then there are those of us that do and try our hardest to do all that we can do.

      I am glad that I have been able to get to know another great teacher as yourself, who shares passions that are similar to mine.

  3. Shawn, this is a great reflection as we work with fashioning our children’s futures every day. Along with curriculum, we need to remember to teach our students about the value of other students and even how to advocate for each other if necessary. This is interesting timing. The other day we drove by the Children’s Aid Society and my daughter asked me what that organization does. What a wonderful and honest discussion. She really was shocked to find out that the organization was even necessary in our society. The most difficult question for me to answer from her was, “Mom? Why would people choose to hurt children?”

    • I am interested in how you answered that question, I still have difficulty at times with that question and that is answering it for adults. I find the same reaction you did from your daughter, it is interesting yet also saddening at times knowing that not only kids but many adults do not know that there is a need for such organizations not to help parents but to protect kids from those whom they should be safest way.

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