Students Research with two forms of presentation.

On Tuesday the students, with the inventiveness of a colleague (Angela MacTaggert) began a unit focusing on Animals, specifically students will be looking at animals found both in a terrestrial and aquatic environment. You guessed it we will be looking at Amphibians.

Before they began their adventure, Angela asked the students what animals they would like to learn about, being that there was such variety of choices, she decided to give each student an individual project to one determine their understanding of research but also to continue with the skills they are working on in writing, spelling, social media and technology.

Students were told that they needed to have 8 pages in their assignment and were also given the titles of these pages. Initially students were told that the presentations would be done in a booklet, but I also had them make a power point presentation. Finally students were asked to write a small guided reflection about the assignment/project. Aside from the paper booklet all work was, including research was completed using their computers. Below is one of the projects that were handed in first.

Here are the questions for the research project with the students answers:

The student created a hand made visual representation and then one using a technological application that they were comfortable using. Here are two quick videos of the students two creations.

Untitled from sram on Vimeo.

hamster2 from sram on Vimeo.

Finally the reflection sheet that the student submitted in relation to some questions I asked of them:

Yesterday in class we did a project so that we could learn about the animals. I chose a hamster because it is my favorite animal. I liked this project because I love animals and the zoo! My favorite part was when we did their appearance. Next time I would love to pick a magical animal.

I ask that you please comment so that I may show my students that there are others in the world that can see their work and have advice or compliments for them.


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