What is your focus for most of the year?

For the better part of this last year, I have heard, read about and discussed with many colleagues the current issues, trends, purposed changes and decisions made, in relation to education reform.

Without getting into my ideas and opinions, I will agree that the system is not perfect. That changes and improvements can, should and are being made. Teachers, Educators and Administrators are aware of this and  within the confines of their resources are trying to the best of their ability to facilitating change.

I was recently watching television, when I came upon a video that I thought I would share. I found the video not only humorous, but in some aspects a portrayal of how some individuals may feel. I will however state that it is meant mostly in humor and is one person’s opinion about trends in education.

Lewis Black

What I took from this video is not fact, but it did get me to ask myself, “Am I doing the most and best I can to serve and educate my students?”. I my opinion, I am and I am trying. I can state this without going into great detail by saying, Education (the tools, ideas, strategies and my students) is a focus for me for at least 46 weeks of the year.

What is your focus and are you do everything you can?


One thought on “What is your focus for most of the year?

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