Implementing Great ideas from my PLN – DIPITY

I hope that this will be a continuing or multi-part post, much like my Little Leaders posts. I had the pleasure of being introduce to twitter just before the completion of the previous school year and although it has been a steep learning curve I have learned so much and increased my PLE by at least 10-fold. No longer am I only looking through texts and other in-school resources to develop programs and programming. I now have access to a multitude of resources and with the help of my PLN, I am not forced to sort through the vast internet to determine which ones work the best or are the easiest to use.

Just recently @shannonmiller (a passionate educator out of Van Meter, Iowa) posted a link about a resource she used with her students called Dipity. Now I know we all get hundreds of links and suggestions through our PLN daily, but for some reason or another I chose to take a look at the link. I was surprised and excited about what I saw.

Dipity is a resource which allows users to create time-lines of events, but with an added bonus. Unlike the time-lines of old these allowed you to insert pictures, video’s and links to individual events. As soon as I saw this I was like wicked, (sorry, kind of dating myself) I can use this to make Social Studies more interesting and engaging.

I tweeted back to @shannonmiller if it was a program that was easy to use and what applications she had used it for. She quickly replied back sending me two links of student work. After checking out the student work, I realized the flexibility and multiple applications of this resource. It wasn’t confined to Social, as a class we could make a time line for a novel study, in math showing the processes and applications that we have covered, and an even larger added bonus students could use this as part of their E-folios.

Needless to say, the students and I have jumped right in and are actively using Dipity in many applications and projects. Collaboratively we have been working on one for Social for tracking the creation of Canada and its provinces. Please take a look and tell me what you think. The kids and I would love to know what you think.


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