The Red Fire Truck


My students never cease to amaze me. Their manner of thinking and reasoning is so precious. I have – sorry used to have a saying in my class in response to peculiar questions or requests that my students would have. Sometimes first thing in the morning some of my students would ask if they could color instead of read, use the computer instead of eat their snack or one student even asked if he could keep a Lady Bug in his pencil case. Rather than always saying no or correcting my students, if they would sometimes ask for something way out in left field I would say “I would like a Red Fire Truck“.

Last week one of my little ones came into class and sat quietly reading his reading book, he completed his assignments and then as snack time approached he asked if he could have some of the pop corn that I keep in my desk. Naturally I said only if I could have a “Red Fire Truck“. The precious little guy turned and walked back to his desk. Thinking that the conversation was over, I prepared to distribute the students snacks.

The little guy walked to my desk and opened his hand saying, “OK, here is you Red Fire Truck” and there in his hand was a little toy Hot Wheels Fire Truck. What was I to do. I said “point taken”. I asked him to hand everyone else their snack and went and popped an individual popcorn bag for my inventive little guy.

I returned and gave him his popcorn, smiling the little guy jumped out of my seat and before returning to his desk said “I can also give you a Police car, Army truck, Fire boat and also a Sports car, but I don’t have any more Red Fire Trucks“. I could resist smiling and almost burst out laughing. This I have learned, don’t under estimate the reasoning and behavior of your students. Also if you ask for something, prepare yourself for getting what you asked for.

How often do your students surprise you?

Hmmmmm, next time I am gonna ask for a new puppy.



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