Little Leaders – New Technology (Google Docs)

Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted about my little leaders, but we have been very busy learning to use some

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great tools to assist our learning, understanding and communication. In addition I have just finished term one report cards, which used an new format.

However we are back and doing some great work. To continue in my students development as leaders as well as to give them more control in their learning. I have now started, in some classes, to allow students to determine what questions they are going to answer. I have started doing this for three reasons. The first is that it focuses on what the students want to learn, but secondly it reveals what the students already may know. However most importantly it allows students to share information and learn cooperatively. Keep in mind though, that I do insert some of my own questions, because I still must cover the curricular objectives.

To make things interesting and to increase students communication and use of technology, for our most recent assignment we used GoogleDocs. The students have seen it before, however this was their first attempt at using the application.

We started by creating a list of inquiry questions (using googledocs) we wanted to answer about the INUIT

Once this was completed students were given the link to the document, however before being let loose to answer questions they were reminded that this was a group activity, and that everyone was to participate and complete some of the questions. They were also informed that I would be checking their working and reminding them of corrections or where to find information, which meant that they should be reading as they are working.

Here is what the project / assignment looks like thus far. Please feel free to add information or comments as the kids would love to see them and get feed back.


Stay tuned, before the end of the week I hope to have some reflections in relation to using GoogleDocs.


5 thoughts on “Little Leaders – New Technology (Google Docs)

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  2. Shawn,

    Looks like a good collaborative project. Just a few questions on the logistics of the project…
    1. Do the students get to select the question they want?
    2. What age students are working on this?
    3. (related to question 2) are they logging into their own google accounts, or do they work through yours?
    4. Are they working through the questions on their own (at home) or under guidance at school.

    No matter the answers, I like the project.



  3. Morning James, first I would like to thank you for your comment and interest. I am excited to show the kids your comment to show them more about the global community and communication outside of the classroom and school.

    To answer your questions:
    1. The students developed or suggested most of the questions on their own, my questions were the ones towards the end of the document. The ones that haven’t been answered.
    2. The students in my class and the ones working on this, range in grades from one to four. (range relates to my class being severe special needs – Academic and Behavioral)
    3. My students at present do not have their own Google Login, but when you create a document you can select that it can be shared with everyone, which provides a link to the document. I then sent the link to the kids Edmodo account, which is how they accessed it. (I hope this answers your question)
    4. The students are primarily working on the assignment in class, however I am not sitting with them at the computers, I am at my own desk simply scanning the document and directing and giving students direction as needed. Generally students can work on assignment at home, but my students are in a unique setting and they do not have access to a computer at their residence.

    Thanks again, the kids were really excited about using GoogleDocs, one because they get to use technology, but more because they got were able to all work on one assignment collaboratively.

    Great questions,

  4. Hi Shawn,

    What an awesome project. I hope you will find some fantastic answers. Do you follow @nunavut_teacher? I think his name is Brian and he is a great twitterer. I wonder if your classes could collaborate on questions and answers and then share your learning with the rest of us…!!

    I too like the inquiry process but I strongly believe that the answers are extremely important otherwise why ask the questions. What experts could you contact via Skype or Elluminate?

    I am particularly interested in this topic b/c my daughter is studying British Columbia and our family even took a trip to the Okanagan to encourage her in her study.

    Local papers are awesome. What about mailing out self-addressed (stamped?) envelopes to local papers in the area you are studying?? They would probably send you info.

    I will follow your project with interest.

    Ingrid 🙂

  5. Thanks for commenting Ingrid. To answer your first question, yes I do follow @nunavut_teacher, he is a great resource and always willing to share information. I haven’t contacted to him directly, but I am sure to.

    We are slowly going into the curriculum, but I am sure that we will be contacting and communicating with many resources as we go through our learning experience. I agree to the importance of inquiry and discovery learning.

    In relation to our project, i am excited to have you and your daughter follow around with our project. Here is a link that I am sure that you and her would enjoy it is the first video that we built with the information that we collected.

    I hope that you enjoy it. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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