Is Change the True Barrier – A Response

An educator and individual that I trust and work with asked a simple question in one of his last blog post relating to

change and whether “people really don’t like change or is it truly that people do not like the process that change incurs?

Both in my career as well as in my life outside of the classroom I have found that many people are resistant to the concept and ideas of change. My understanding of individuals resistance to change is this:

Some individuals dislike change because they must adapt and reform their understanding.

Some dislike change because it is work, it takes effort and time to change.

Some are hesitant to change because they believe that it inhibits their individual freedom.

Some are discouraged about change because it means learning new concepts.

Some are scared about having to venture away from what they know towards something unknown.

I could go on and on about my understandings and observations about individuals and why they are unwilling or apprehensive about change. However, to answer the question asked by G. Couros, in my opinion most people are reluctant to change because of the process of change and the fear that comes with unfamiliar ideas/concepts.

I can say this with some certainty because over two years ago I was faced with change. I will openly admit that I was fearful, apprehensive, hesitant, cautious, confused, and had to readjust my understandings, ideas and delivery of the curriculum. How you ask, I switched from teaching high-school for nine years, to teaching elementary.

Looking back, it was a great decision, I have learned a significant amount about teaching, about students and about the sequence of curriculum and learning. I look at it this way, everyday we as educators suggest, require and attempt to change our students in someway or another, thus if we expect change of the minds in our charge we must be willing to change ourselves.

Here is a great quote from a great man about why change is important.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi


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