We Can be the Change

Day after day and year after year, we as educators spend a significant amount of time with our students. Yes, our primary goal is to teach the students and to provide them with information and understanding that they can and may later use to make positive choices in their lives. However, there are other things we teach our students.

Although I am still early in my career as an educator, I have learned that not only do we teach, but we influence our students whether we intend to or not. For many of us our willingness and commitment to not only learning but to relationships is what makes the differences in our students lives. Our ability to look passed behaviors, others experiences, comments and judgments when interacting and communicating with our  students is what may, in some students lives be that critical or pivotal experience.

There are some very famous stories that have been turned in to best sellers or movies in relation to these moments and more often or not it is not because a someone showed a student how to remember a tricky math formula it is because someone invest invested time into a student or into students – because someone cared.

Coach Cater, Radio, Mr. Holands Opus, and even Blind Side are some great examples of how caring and taking the time and making investments in people can have the most amazing of results. Personally, I have been fortunate in touching the lives of some students and making a positive change, which has resulted in students staying out of the penal system, being accepted into foster placements and in some cases even graduating.

I know that it is difficult to share stories because of policies and issues relating to security and privacy, but I would love to hear your stories.

Before I leave you I will leave you with the inspiration for this post. Hope to hear from you.


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