2010 a learning reflection.

An interesting feature that I found that comes with using word-press as a blog site, is that at the end of the year it sends you a sort of update, or progress report as to how your blog is doing. This was great, because like the students this meant that I was given the opportunity to look at how my attempt to engage the world was going and to see if there was some relevance or point in keeping my e-folio/blog active.

In my opinion I did reasonably well considering I only started both twitter and my blog in March of 2010, thanks to the advice and mentoring of one of my administrators. Reflecting on what I have completed and learned since undertaking both technological tools. I would have to first send a giant THANK YOU to George Couros and then secondly to my PLN.

Over the past nine to ten months I have learned a tremendous amount, which has not only benefited myself and made my teaching practices easier, but it has benefited my students. Making their learning more exciting, engaging and varied. It has also opened up a large network and world of information that is limited when learning from a text book.

Specifically, in the past year I have learned to and actively use:

Dipity – a wonderful online tool that can be used to make time-lines that can be shared. In addition different from traditional time-lines you can add video’s and links to.

Animoto – a great program that allows one to make short videos using pictures.

Vimeo/ Youtube – tow resources that allow one to upload videos that can be shared with the world.

Spelling City – a sight that allows students to work independently to learn, practice and play with the spelling words of the week.

Raz-kids Reading – an interactive site on, that allows students to read books online appropriate to their reading level and then answer questions relating to the book that can focus on comprehension, plot, character attribute etc.

Edmodo – which is a education form of facebook. Allowing me to post lessons and videos online for students, and then student may complete them and send them back to me for marking. In addition students and other teachers that have access can interact as one would on facebook.

Twiducate – an educational, secure form of twitter. Allows for students to practice using their skills and knowledge behind social media.

Diigo – a web hosted book marking page that not only allows me to access my favorite educational sites from any computer, but allows me to share my resources with other educators and students.

Additional thanks should go out to my ever growing PLN, I have been given links to numerous web based programs, ideas and resources that have assisted me in my teaching and my students in their learning.

Although it has been a very fast paced learning experience, it has been well worth the investment and time. If there are any individuals that would question why to use technology in class and argue that the time required is excessive, I would only make one comment, If your passion is education and you wish to engage your students as much as possible, by refusing to use technology in your classroom at least once during every lesson, you are doing a disservice to your students.


4 thoughts on “2010 a learning reflection.

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    • You are welcome, although it is limited and I am constantly adding to it you might want to check out my resources page. I hope you find items that are of use.

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