Little Leaders – Student Lead Conferences

I know that it has been some time since my last update in relation to my students building leadership skills and traits, and my only excuse can be and is, that we have been doing some great new things in class. This has included using Skype to communicate with other teachers and classrooms.

However, here is our most recent undertaking. As a new initiative that our school is trying, which maybe an old concept to some schools and divisions. Our students will be trying to move away from the traditional parent-teacher conference to a student lead conference. Now some may be thinking, we are already doing this, this is not new, but I remind you that my students are not your typical students and our school setting is very far from traditional or regular.

So. . . what does this mean. Well to me it means that the students will have to speak about and take ownership for their learning and participation. In addition, my students will have to, with some coaching explain what their difficulties are in relation to learning and understanding and in some aspects explain what the plan is to help them improve.

I like this concept, however am a little concerned in that, yes I want the students to highlight what they have learned and are able to do, but I do not want them leaving out and skipping what they are struggling with. I also like the ownership element to student lead conferences, because much like helping to build their IPP’s, when students feel that they are in control they are more invested and involved in their learning.

At present, my teaching partner and myself are still in the planning stage, we will hopefully run our first trial in March during our second reporting period, but if you have any suggestions, ideas or formats that you follow and are willing to share that would be greatly appreciated. I will be sure to update the progress and outcome of our project as soon as possible.

Remember : “There are three kinds of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who ask, ‘What happened?'”
–Casey Stengel. Which kind of student do you want to have?


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