What do students need?

Recently , well on Tuesday January 25th, there was a great conversation on #EDCHAT that was in relation to the influences and place of Business in Education. Some conversations were  about how much influence there should be, and if business should be the driving force or model for education. Everything aside it was a great discussion and for me the major point was that for students and for the work force, both business and education should be working together to prepare and ready our students.

After this, I listen to the American State of the union address. These two experiences combined with one of the books I am reading continued to raise the question “What do students need”. Everyone has their ideas and methodology, however I believe that Dr. Willard Daggett states it best when he says:

What students need to succeed in the twenty-first century is an education that is both academically rigorous and “real-world” relevant. This objective of rigor and relevance is not just for some students, it is for all students

In my opinion this is what students need. Students need the skills and basics that are taught in what is considered the traditional classroom, but students also need the experience and skills that come with being problems solvers and critical thinkers. In addition students require the understand, practice and skills that come with technology and the digital world.

Does this mean that I have everything figured out – NO, but I have an idea and a direction, and I am looking forward to taking the journey with my students.


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