Songs of Significance – What are yours?

The inspiration for this post came to me after having read some of the posts that I hadn’t looked at before Christmas that were in my Google-Reader. Sorry to all the authors of some great posts. While reading through the posts I noticed that there were some great references to songs and video’s made by artists that were directed towards society.

The message that most of these videos reiterated were that we, teachers, parents, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, simply people can make a difference.That is difference would not only affect us but also those around us. Here are three of those songs that I found to be the most motivating and inspirational. As educators we create change, we are an integral part of a cause and affect relationship and believe it or not we can and do make a difference.


Although this song makes me a jabber bundle of tears every time I hear it, this song reminds me why I teach where I do and why I believe so much in building maintaining relationships with my students.

The message behind this song always reminds me that I can be and am the change that can exist in the lives of the children I teach.

To me the message here is very simple, live everyday to its fullest, with no regrets.

Finally R. Kelly’s – The Worlds Greatest, often reminds me that I can do anything, that whatever I put my mind and heart into is something I will accomplish. That I am unique and not just another cog in the machine of live and education.

I know that there are many songs that have been written and have significant meaning to different people. I thought I would share some some of the songs that hold meaning for me. In addition I hope that you would share with me a song or songs that hold significant meaning to you.





2 thoughts on “Songs of Significance – What are yours?

  1. Music is such an important thing in my life! One of my favorites for helping me see what is important in life is a country song…I do not like country, but this song speaks to me on many levels, it is entitled “Paper Angels”. There are songs that remind me of different students. I love the songs “Forever Young” because it is how I see my students and it has a good message for them, “Give a Little Bit” because it is what every child needs..a little bit if love, and “Every Day People” because we all are in this together. There are many more…but too many to list here!
    Great post! You have me thinking!

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