Disgusted and Angered – It should be punishable.

I apologize in advance. Most of my posts are reflective and are designed to highlight learning, students and technology. This post however is not positive nor is it one that I thought I would ever have to write. The inspiration for this post at first stunned me, which was quickly followed by anger and disgust.

Last night to celebrate Chinese New Year I went out with some of my friends that were having a dinner at a local establishment, here in Edmonton. After dinner I was enjoying some of the entertainment, when a couple, whom were not with my group, sat down near me. This is not abnormal, as I am sure it has happened to to many of us.

Now for the RANT – as the couple sat down I noticed that the lady was roughly six months pregnant, well at least to my knowledge. The troubling part was that she was holding a beer and if that wasn’t enough was drinking the beer. Roughly 20 minutes later, she excused herself. This gave me to engage her partner in conversation.

I engaged the gentleman, and asked “excuse me, but I notice your partner and was wondering if your partner was pregnant?” He replied saying “yes” that they were expecting in May. I said congratulations, then asked “why she was drinking” he looked at me quizzically, to which I said “don’t worry about it”. I thanked him and wished him the best of luck.

As the lady returned, he asked me why I was interested, I simply said “I just wondered how much she has messed up and destroyed their child”. With that I got up to go. The gentleman became agitated. Instead of getting into an argument with this obviously clueless individual. I looked at him, told him “I think you are smart enough to use a computer – so you should google FASD“. With that I disengaged and walked away in total disgust.

For ten years I have worked with students with severe special needs. I can honestly say that there are many disorders and issues that a child can have that can make their learning, school experience and life difficult, but that can in the same breath state the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is by far the worst. Many who have experience dealing with the disorder have stated that having the disorder is like being imprisoned in your mind, as the developmental delay and issues that alcohol causes a fetus is irreversible.

The abuse of children is an issue that makes my blood boil and to me this is one of the worst forms of abuse as it is not a moment in a child’s life. The problems that come with this disorder are life long, essentially a life sentence. Therefore I believe that if a child is being subjected to a life long and filled with torture, that the individual causing it should also serve the time. Life in jail, but we all know that stupidity is not a punishable offense.


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