Two Class school – 700+ staffroom

Last week Teachers in the North Central region of Alberta had our annual teachers convention and one of the sessions I had the pleasure of attending and chairing for, was presented by @gcouros (George Couros). The session was titled “Blogfolios – For you and your students”. The session was great with many new teachers joining the world of blogging. During the conversations and discussions I had with many of the participants, a common theme continued arising, which was using twitter to connect and interact with colleagues.

In addition to this it has appeared to me that, recently there has been an increase in the hashtag shout outs on twitter about responding to “why do you use twitter”, “How has twitter improved your PLN”, “How has twitter improved your PD” etc.

Finally, I have caught myself increasing my promotion for twitter, to my colleagues who haven’t joined. I think that the title of this post sums up why one should be connected, network and build relationships with colleagues outside of their schools and divisions. Simply put, now instead of researching and searching for resources on my own and then trying them out. I can ask my PLN, resulting in many responses and suggestions, which others have tried and are using. As George would put it, my PLN has allowed my to “Draw Outside the Lines“.

So why would you limit yourself to only learning from and with those in your school ?  Pull the drapes aside, open the window and turn on the computer to learning.



2 thoughts on “Two Class school – 700+ staffroom

  1. You know what I find fascinating Shawn? In a building that was once so isolated from other professionals, you and Melissa have changed your mindset so that you are connecting and changing that. It is all about attitude and you both have great ones. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks George. Yes we are sometimes our own island but with your suggestions and enthusiasm we have been able to make connections around the world. This has created a great atmosphere for us and our kids, know that the every possibility is just a click and shout out away.

    Thanks again.

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