All Hope is Not Lost…Little Leaders Guest Post

I have been posting about the adventures of my own classroom during the year about the growth of my students when it comes to being leaders, but recently I had the pleasure of hearing a heart warming story from @aram_aristotle. After hearing the story I suggested that she write a guest post so that I may use it to show how students of all ages, display and a capable of being leaders. So without making you wait any longer here is @aram_aristotles guest post and story of her students displaying citizenship, community, caring, friendship and leadership.

Our small rural school hosts a fairly regular group of students, of which it could be said suffer from the same ailments of degenerating manners and work ethic as much of the current generation of preteens and teenagers are labeled with. However, this winter we saw the kindness and consideration that is still living and breathing, but is often not recognized in these young individuals.

Our high school hosts a complement of approximately 50 students on a good day,  but they showed an enormous  heart during this last Christmas Season. One of our students, who unfortunately, comes from a troubled and rough family life with a fairly low socioeconomic status, was going through a very rough situation during the winter.  The situation regretfully degenerated and he was required to leave his home to move in with a friend’s family. The student is a kind and determined person but has some neurological issues, relating to academic and social deficits. This aside, the student would be labeled as a gentle giant, always looking at the brighter side.

As we live in a small community many of his peers were aware of his home situation. During December, his fellow classmates decided to give him a sense of family and community and put together their money and purchased a genuine Oiler’s jersey for him as a Christmas present.  They knew he would not be spending it with his family nor was he accustomed to recieving presents.

The day his peers intended to present his gift to him, he was having a terrible day academically which was compounded by a heart breaking, negative phone call mid-day from his social worker. He returned my class frustrated and on the brink

3D Full Spectrum Unity Holding Hands Concept

3D Full Spectrum Unity Holding Hands Concept -

of tears.  His classmates, aware of the issues presented him with their present and he broke down crying tears of love, care, appreciation and gratitude. The troubles of his day appeared to fade away and he was such a joy to see for the rest of the day proudly sporting his jersey. His mood and outlook improved due to the caring and consideration of his friends reminding him that to them he mattered and was important.

I know that we, as staff, were all touched when reminded how kind and considerate our children can be. It truly does encourage the heart…and remind us that our student can and will meet the challenges and struggles faced by each other together.

It is always great to hear about the stories and success of students in other classrooms and schools. I would also like to thank (Asha) @aram_aristotle for taking the time to write the post and share her story.


4 thoughts on “All Hope is Not Lost…Little Leaders Guest Post

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read sram’s post. I think everyone learned a little bit and grew as individuals that day.

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