Combining Passions

For those that have chosen teaching and education as their profession, I believe that we all share some common passions. To list a few I would say Learning, Students, Relationship, Sharing and Teaching. All of these are, in my opinion related and connected to each other, but every once in awhile we have the opportunity and ability to combine the passions (elements that bring us balance) from our personal lives to the passions in our professional lives. When these two elements have the ability to combine the most amazing of things happen.

On Wednesday, the students of our school were privileged with the opportunity to watch and participate in a presentation put on by Hoja. A group of professional entertainers that present as positive role models for students and youth. Sending the message that people of all ages can achieve you dreams if you actively pursue you passions. Hoja accomplishes this through music (acapella) and dance.

Mr. Usiskin @nusiskin is a integral part of our school, but one of his passions is Theater, and Wednesday the students were able to witness Norms other passion.

In my opinion, one of the biggest things that help to build relationships with students occurs when they “see” that we are “real”. Real people, with real lives, with hobbies and passions and that we do have fun.

Thanks Norm for sharing one of your PASSIONS with us.


2 thoughts on “Combining Passions

  1. Thanks for my smile of the day! Kids know “real” and believe real. You have given them someone to believe in.

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