An Apple a Day

There is an exciting and wonderful world out there, and as a teacher (special education)  trying to significantly intragrate technology in the classroom there is one fruit that in my humble opinion would make that easier both on my students and myself.


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Although I am a trained and tested Windows and IBM user, I have been slowly wandering into the world of apple. Aside from some personal reservations about the ease and accessibility that is possible if someone gets a hold of your technology, I understand and see the appeal.  More importantly, if there was only one convincing argument that I had to make to other teachers about why to use an Ipod touch or an Ipad in their classroom instead of a desktop or laptop. It would be an easy one, and one that only has two related words that many early years and division one teachers despise at the end of a computer or technology class “USERNAME & PASSWORD

I am fortunate to have a very innovative and technologically minded Administrator, that would support my idea and soon to be plan to use Apple devices in my classroom. With this  ace in the whole I look forward to using:

BrainQuest Blast Off: Grade 3



Miss Spell

Story Kit

Spell It Lite


Basic Math

Match Lite

Math Quizzer

Tanzen Lite

as well as other great applications (APPs) that would assist and differentiate in the learning of my students.

So why the change, simple my students already have their own desktop computers with access to such programs as Edmodo, Twiducate, Raz-Kids, Kidblog and more, but to have this at their desks for working on their assignments, but to have access to information while they are watching a lesson that I am work on with them at the smart board, would be great. In addition, I can slowly move to a paperless classroom. My last final personal and possibly selfish reasons for using such technology has two parts, it is great to see to students learn when they don’t see it as learning but having fun and finally, using an Ipod touch or Ipad allows for me to differentiate instruction for my students with more ease.

I know that there will be some learning struggles for me about how to fully use and intergrate the technology into my class for instruction purposes, but I also see the most important advantage and benefit – – –


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5 thoughts on “An Apple a Day

  1. I have worked in 1-1 Mac and PC schools. I found that the kids at the Mac schools are more likely to create impromptu videos, picture projects, music recordings and generally “mess around” to see what cool things they can do on their computers. In two years of teaching at the Mac based school, I never once had a student’s computer crash nor did I need the IT department.
    If you aren’t planning on teaching programming…Mac products are definitely a lot of fun.

  2. You make some interesting points here, Shawn. Truthfully, for a very long time, I’ve been skeptical of Apple. My sister uses in exclusively, and other amazing educators that I know (including @coachbaillie, @royanlee, & @techieang) love it too, but I’ve never really understood the reason to spend more on purchasing Apple products. Then I started using iPod Touches this year, and now I own two iPads that I use them in the classroom too, and I’m slowly and surely getting an “Apple makeover.” I do love the ease in using the Apple products, and I love what the apps allow students to do. Even my young Grade 1’s and 2’s are creating some wonderful things, and demonstrating their learning in so many unique ways, because of some of the apps available on these tools. That being said, I’m still a strong believer in putting curriculum first. Technology is a tool, but just one tool at that. I think that the Apple products provide some amazing possibilities for students, but there are also lots of apps that just perpetuate the “drill and kill” mentality, and I’m not in favour of those.

    I’ll be very interested in reading what others say here, and I can’t wait to read more about your “Apple adventures” too.


  3. Although it’s awesome for children to know both platforms – I couldn’t agree with you more Shawn. How do you like them apples? Sue

  4. Excellent to hear about an educator continuing along the learning curve, most excellent. Apple tools seem to bring out the tiny creative that lives in me… it’ll be interesting to see how this evolves for you and your students. While you anticipate a bit of a “struggle” here and there, it sounds like you welcome and are up to the challenge. Good luck and good journey.

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