Creating Balance – before the adventure

As educators, users of technology, parents (not myself), and humans one of the most talked about and emphasized

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trends today is creating balance. Balancing the amount of time we spend interacting and communicating online with the amount of time we spend face to face with people. Balancing the hours of the day we work with the amount of time we relax and play. Balancing our diets, well pretty much creating balance everywhere.

In two days, I will engage in one of these activities. For as many years as I have been an educator, I have dreamed and thought about making the journey to a country that is not of my heritage, but one that I have connected with on other levels. During my week long adventure, I will put aside all of my technology. I will not be using twitter, skype, facebook, email, or even text messages. In truth my mobile phone will remain behind and not travel with me.

I look forward to my adventures that will happen in and on the Emerald Island (IRELAND).  I look forward to the customs and traditions, language, music, art, literature, folklore, cuisine and sport. I cannot explain why I am so attracted to Ireland,  but I am looking forward to connecting with what I have learned about Ireland – maybe it has something with being named SHAWN.

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In addition, I am really excited to to see some of the great sights and attractions of Ireland, some of which are; Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Kilmainhan Goal, The Cliffs of Moher, Kirwan’s Lane, The Guinness Storehouse and Woodenbridge Golf Club.

In a world where information is at my finger tips, and connecting is literally only a click away, I look forward to discovering,  learning and experiencing in what is considered the old fashioned way, by living it.




I will be sure to update all of you, to share my pictures and stories upon my return, till then my friends stay safe.


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