Creating a Balance – Amazing and Unforgetable

Prior to leaving for Spring Break I had written a post about creating balance between learning about a country and the culture of that country and experiencing it. As I have just returned and the memories and adventures from that journey are fresh in my mind, I thought that I would summarize my experiences and relate my understandings.

Learning is a life long and continuous process and I am both energized and glad that for the last week I was able to not only read and gather information about a country but to experience it. My stay in Ireland was short, but I can honestly state that it is a country that I will revisit soon.

The experience was one that I would not trade in for anything, and I am glad that unlike many of my colleagues I choose Ireland rather than somewhere warm to escape to during the break. Although there are many beautiful sights and attractions to see, the most impressive aspects of Ireland are the history and the people.

We live in a country that is rich in diversity, but to travel to a country where everyone knows and relates to each others experiences is, well to put it mildly amazing. Everyone, from taxi drivers, tour guides, vendors, students to average people you meet in stores, can tell you about the history, trials and struggles of the country. How changes in government, trade and independence affect each other not only in a region but across the country. Almost every piece of the country has a story and most every one can tell you the story.

It also is amazing the patriotism that the Irish have for the country. Not only in their day to day lives, but also in their sporting activities. I was fortunate to experience a football (soccer) game between Ireland and Macedonia, and unlike here in Alberta where at times you can find fans from both sides at one event. Watching the people of Ireland it was like every game was an Olympic game and everyone Irish was cheering for their home team.

I could go on and on and on about the stories and experiences I had, but that you be an extensive post, rather I will summarize by saying, visit Ireland experience the music, the people, the atmosphere and the life style. My only regret about the trip, it wasn’t long enough and if I had a bucket list I would say that I could only check half of the box.

It was amazing.

go gcasfar le chéile sinn arís


2 thoughts on “Creating a Balance – Amazing and Unforgetable

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip and a fantastic destination. We travel a lot as a family, starting when my kids were 3 and 4. My son after a month in Holland this summer and visiting a castle said to me that he knows for sure that knights are real. The excitement and wanting to learn was amazing. The experience of other cultures, history and languages through the eyes of a child has been amazing for me. (An added bonus is coming back refreshed and energized) Great to have you back!

    • It was amazing, and I fully agree. You know when an experience just captures your mind because all you want to do is listen, explore and the more you get the more you want. You can tell your son, I love and believe in knights as well, and although they don’t dress the same today that they still exist. At least to me they do.

      I am energized, but in a different way, I don’t know how to explain it, but I am sure it will come to me. I will soon be adding some links and pictures highlighting my adventures. I hope that you enjoy them.

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