Spring brings new Beginnings

Like a few other members of my PLN I had the unfortunate experience of having to put down an old friend and family member over the last year. “ICE” had been with me for a little of ten years, since she was about 8 weeks old. After having to put her down, I thought deep and hard about getting another dog. Not because I didn’t want another dog, but I was unsure that I would be able to put as much of myself out there for another dog, for the fear of the pain that the loss of the first one caused. Still a year later, when I go through my house cleaning I will find reminders of “ICE” and at times it will bring tears to my eyes.

This is not to say that my family and I haven’t been looking,  we have frequented the local humane society and weekly checked out the local rescue organizations, looking for what we  may want.  We came to the conclusion that I would continue to look, but that we would go and allow the puppy to pick me. So recently when we went to look for puppies we would simply sit in the room with the dogs and allow the dogs to come to me. Obviously with puppies they are quick to come and visit, due to curiosity, but we knew that if the puppy really liked or choose us that it would stay with us despite other distractions with in the room.

We were was blessed this weekend by being picked by:

Aggie. we arrived at a local rescue meet and adopt in Edmonton. Enter the area where all the dogs and puppies where and went and sat in one of the chairs not really spending time with any dog. While we sat and filled out the adoption application, to ensure that we was on the agencies list of possible adopters. This cute little thing that was sitting under a chair with her foster mom looked up at us . As we  continued to fill out the paper work the foster parent brought her over and instantly she wanted to get into our laps. For the entire duration of the paperwork, which was quite detailed Aggie stayed with us. We were hooked, we put her name on the top of the Adoption Application and 20mins later were leaving with our new family member.

We know there will be some adjustments, not having had a puppy in the house for more than 11 years, and that there would be a lot of work ahead of us today, like making sure someone went by the house during the day to let her out. With all this in mind we are very excited and are looking forward to all the new memories and experiences as Aggie grows. I know I had originally introduced her as Boots because her paws were white, but I was reminded that I agreed to let my wife name the new pup, so world here is Aggie. She is a 3 month old Sheppard – Smooth Collie Cross.

I look forward to sharing both Aggie‘s and our learning experiences as she grows and becomes an intergral and loved family member.



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