Waiting in Anticipation

Roughly a year ago I started using twitter to increase my PLN and make connections not only withing my school division, but also around the world. It has been a wonderful experience interacting and getting to know some great colleagues such as:

@shannonmmiller a Teacher Librarian & Technology Specialist from Van Meter Iowa

@greta ESL teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina


@bethstill founder of the ISTE newbie project

@MrMacnology a Teacher and Tech-coach from Southern Oregon

@L_Hiltan Elementary Principal from Pennsylvania

@Mollybmom an Instructional Consultant from Saskatoon

@Kylepace a K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist from Kansas City

@davidWees an Educational Technology Consultant from Vancouver

@Saskateach an Instructional Consultant from Saskatoon

and many, many more, more than can be mentioned (sorry to those I haven’t mentioned). However I mention these colleagues and friends, because of an up and coming conference at the end of June. While learning the ropes, ins and outs of the twitter verse, I kept hearing about ISTE2010 which was held in Denver last year. From the comments, blogs and articles that were shared during the month of July, it appeared that ISTE was not only a great learning opportunity and experience, but was also a great place for connecting and meeting the members of ones PLN.

Upon returning to school in September, I began to request and question my Principal about attending. My attendance was approved in November and I quickly registered and waited patiently for the program list. Last weekend I spent time going through all the sessions and planned out my calendar. Now I anxiously await, not the end of the school year, but my ISTE2011 adventures in Philadelphia.

I must say that I am very excited about all of the sessions that I have chosen to attend, but I am really excited about seeing, face to face some of the great educators that I have connected with through twitter. So with that 66 days and counting.


6 thoughts on “Waiting in Anticipation

  1. I attended my first ISTE last year but knew no one other than the people in my group. Challenged to try Twitter while there I did & have never looked back. Going again this year but with greater anticipation knowing I’ll have the opportunity of meeting many of the wonderful members of my PLN.

    • I will be going as a very small team, there are only 3 of us going from our division, so I am really glad that I connected with many great people through twitter of the last year. Hope to see you there. 🙂

  2. You are in for a treat. My wife (@faulkneronline) and I (@misterpuley) attended our first ISTE in Denver last year and relished the opportunity to meet so many like minded individuals and to walk away with so many great ideas and new connections. We were so excited that we wanted to be sure that we presented this coming year and to add to the conversation, which we are. It will be a great event – overwhelming yet oh so rewarding. See you there!

    • Looking forward to seeing you there as well. I may have to get a shirt that has my handle on it, just to make recognition easier. What session are you presenting at?

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