Do your words SAY what they should?

We use words everyday to communicate with people around us and those that we interact with digitally. Although I try to convey my message thoughtfully and clearly, I often hear from my students “I don’t understand”. Even though this can be frustrating and trying at times I understand the importance of it. The words that we choose to use effect our message.

This is best portrayed in the following video which was shared by @TheHomeworkDog on Twitter.

An cousin of mine shared a great comment with me after I shared the video with her:

Words/language define our society and culture. Words describe cultural codes about how things are and what is said indicate our views about the society we live in. By changing our words; the language used, only we can change the dominant ideology and make positive changes.

, and in my opinion her comment was dead-on in relation to the importance and power of words in creating positive change in the lives of people.

How do the words you use effect the people you share them with?


One thought on “Do your words SAY what they should?

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