What is Balance

Lately, thanks to my Google-reader, as I rarely pick up the news paper, I have read an increasing number of blog posts relating to creating balance in ones life, here are a few of them:

Creating Balance by George Couros

No, Actaully, Your out of Balance by Will Richardson

Balancing Act by Michelle Baldwin

A balance between work and life, a balance between our online community and our face to face community. Going beyond reading about balance, I even wrote two posts about balance in my life prior to and after returning from a wonderful trip to Ireland.

Upon my return from Ireland I adopted a new Puppy – Aggie, and to prevent from making the same mistakes as I did with my first Dog I have been reading a number of books relating to puppy training. So I am sure the question you are asking is what does puppy training have to do with being balanced? Well apparently it has a lot to do with it. Surprisingly one of the most note worthy and thought provoking statements relating to balance came from . . . none other than Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer).

“The intellectual area is the side of our natures that most westerners have down pat. We are the masters of reason and logic. In America especially, the lifestyle most people lead here is very intellectual one. We communicate with one another almost excessively through language. We send worded messages on the internet and on cell phones; we read; we watch television. We have lots of education and more information at our fingertips than ever before, which allows some of us to live almost 100 percent in our minds. We agonize about the past and fantasize about the future. All too often, we become so dependent on our intellectual sides that we forget that there is much, much more to this amazing world we live in.”

As many people, including Ceaser mention, there are four areas of our life that need to be in balance for us as individuals to live peaceful, comfortable and productive lives. The intellectual is one, and with it come the Emotional, Spiritual and Instinctual. Here lies the point of this post. We always talk about having to change our behaviors, to create balance to, to make choices that benefit our personal welfare, but we don’t always do it. Actually we rarely do, often choosing to put work and other tasks ahead of what we know we should do.

So this post goes to Aggie, my new puppy. Keeping her needs in mind for exercise, training and play has forced and allowed me to make changes in my own life. These changes have created some balance in my life. Going for walks, listening to nothing but the sounds around, sitting and watching the ducks and birds around our house and finally learning that animals learn behaviors and physical expressions not sounds or words.

Thank you Aggie

Aggie Enjoying the Deck


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