Moving from Powerpoint to Movie Maker

It is that time of the year. The weather outside is getting nicer, the kids are becoming more and more anxious and excited about the school year ending. (So are staff) As well, it is the time of year to assess if the children have retained the information that they have covered through the year, especially in relation to the technology that we have used.

As with many of the schools in my School Division, we listen to the National Anthem as part of our morning routine, before getting the day started. Through out the year I play many versions of the song, varying in music, style and also a times play videos with the anthem, so that the kids can watch as they sing along.

Roughly around Spring break one of my little ones asked, why they always have to watch video’s made by other people, and when could they watch a video that I made. I told the students that if they waited instead of me making a video, that I would have them make their own personal video’s. So here we have it, as the year ends, I generally have more mini projects that I have the students do rather assignments to determine their learning. I believe that it allows them to not only apply thier ciricital thinking skills, but for them to use many different peices of information and person thoughts/ideas to answer questions.

Thier first year end project is to use Movie Maker and create their own video, to music using pictures that they thought related to Canada. The criteria for the assignment was that:

1. Students had to have enough pictures for the length of the song.

2. None of the songs in the video could repeat.

3. That they couldn’t stick to one theme such as animals of Canada.

The rest of the project, allowed for personal creativity – where students could transition pictures as they wanted and how quickly. So here is the some of the final pieces of work. Please feel free to comment, as I am sure the kids would love to see and hear your comments.

Also, if you have any other suggestions as to what students may use in the next school year, that would be greatly appreciate.


3 thoughts on “Moving from Powerpoint to Movie Maker

  1. Wow, what a great idea. Show what you know is symbolic (of Canada), set to appropriate music, and be prepared to explain the symbolism. Thinking on paper here… I wonder if there’s a better way to “explain”. It gets to depth of understanding, but seems so 20th century. Does recognizing important symbolism necessitate understanding it?

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