Looking forward to a New Year with New Possibilities

It has come to that time of the year when many of us including, myself reflect about our last school year and think not only about the last year, but about the new concepts and ideas we want to use in the next year. Ah – teachers, the year isn’t over and we are planning for the next year.


One of my yearly reflections is whether or not to pursue a position in Administration or remain solely in the classroom.

It has always been my dream and passion to move to administration for many reasons, but the two most important are that I wish to inspire teachers and ensure students have an amazing and positive learning experience. I also have a strong desire to be more involved in the bigger picture relating to education.

Although I have a few years of teaching experience, I have quickly found out that there are so many other aspects and elements that I haven’t learned. This is both exhilarating in respect to administration as well as intimidating. I say this because I know that there are a great deal of issues and elements that are done behind the scene’s by administration that are required for a school to function, not only yearly but on a day to day basis.

This year it was with  excitement and anticipation I applied for various administration positions that were posted in our school division. After a year of learning, growing and reflection I still arrived at my interview in a bundle of nerves.  Thankfully I had some great mentoring, advice and growth not only from great teachers and administrators that are part of my PLN, but more directly from my Assistant Principal Carolyn Jensen and more importantly from @gcouros George Couros, my Principal.

I very excited and elated to announce that I was successful in my apllication

and will be the New Principal at Seba Beach School

Although I know that my summer will be filled with learning, planning and a lot of reflection I look forward to the new challenges, relationships, experiences and opportunities. I know that George, the Admin Team, Executive Leadership Team, my new team and my TRUSTED PLN will be supportive and behind me in my growth and new position. Thank you everyone for your support and confidence in me. I look forward to the next school year with an elevated level of excitement.


3 thoughts on “Looking forward to a New Year with New Possibilities

  1. Shawn…you are going to do great things! The first lesson that you need to learn as an administrator in Parkland is that you are highly supported and that help is a phone call or email away. Never be afraid to ask for help. I heard a quote similar to this:

    “Weakness is not in those that ask for help, it is in those that don’t.”

    Continue to be a sponge, ask questions, listen to those you serve, and always strive for organizational greatness. You are going to do great!

    Best of luck and see you on the plane 😉

    • Thank you George. It has been great learning from you and I am very excited to continue to learn from you as well as the Lead and Executive Team. I look forward to asking many questions and being supported as much as needed.

      Looking forward to connecting and learning at ISTE.
      Yes see you on the plane – I get the isle seat.

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