Waiting in Anticipation

Picture by David Restivo

Although many of my staff, wow does that have a different ring to it, there are a lot of things that I have to get used to.  As I was saying, as many of my staff slowly start thinking about coming back to school and beginning their classroom set-up. I have been at school, well all week. I have seen a few staff trickling in and out, however the majority of them will most likely show up periodically next week.

As I have been arranging my office and making the atmosphere more accustom to reflect my personality and my attitude towards educaton. I have come across many different elements that a Principal is required to do, that I took for granted as an educator. Even with all of this unanticipated work, I still am anxiously looking forward to spending more time with my staff and starting off the school year.

I have many, many ideas running through my head, and these ideas have been added to by the suggestions of staff that I have been in contact with. All these ideas aside, there is one that I will be fullfilling for sure. Posts are reflections and the personal account of an individuals adventures. So to account my upcoming adventure and experience I intend to write at least one post a week about my experiences, and hopefully it will reveal to other new administrators as to the adventures and experiences that one can look forward to.


3 thoughts on “Waiting in Anticipation

  1. Really enjoyed the post. It looks like a great start to the new school year and your new position. Your goal of one post a week is admirable and I look forward to following your adventure!

    • Thanks Carlene – It is a lofty goal, I just hope that I am able to keep thing interesting, rather than just a glorified diary. Guess only time will tell right.

  2. Shawn, congratulations again on your new position! I look forward to reading all about your exciting adventures here. The staff and students are lucky to have you as their administrator!


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