Summer planning, what was I doing ?

As I look at the calendar both on my wall and on my phone I am both saddened and  excited that the summer is winding down. Although I have these mixed emotions I am wondering why. I think that my excitement in repsect to retruning to school comes from preparing to start a new adventure. I look forward to the new faces I will see and to the new relationships that I will build. I am however also sad.

I am not sad that my vacation time is comming to an end, but that I did not get to do all that I thought was necessary and wanted to do this summer. Looking back I find humor and irony in the relatization that as I have gained experience in my years of teaching and also moved into administration, that the amount of time I spend relaxing and enjoying summer has decreased.

However, I do not think that this is entirely caused by my career. I think life itself has become busier. There is always something to do, something that we have put off during the school year. Telling ourselves, that I’ll get it done in the summer when I have time and can focus, not relazing that it is during this time when we should be recharging our batteries, relfecting, enjoying the moments and making the memories that we need outside of jobs.

With roughly three weeks before I have to return to the office, I have no idea what I am going to do. There are still projects that I have started that need to be completed and there are also a few that I haven’t started that should be. However, I think that I will take at least a week, and simply enjoy whatever comes my way. Oh where has the summer gone?


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