Absence = Disjointed

This is the first week during this school year when aside from feeling that I had a lot of things in the air did I feel that I wasn’t realling doing what I was supposed to.

Due to professional development choices that I made, and some meetings that are necessary, I was only in my school for a day and a half. An entire week of school and I am present for a day and a half. If I were still a student I may have been very excited. I mean come on, I was out of class, excused, it was approved and all my assignments were technically considered complete.

However, now things are different. Being out of my office, away from my students and my colleageus, I felt, well a little lost. I also felt that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. I know that there are many, many responsibilites that I have and this means that sometimes I will be out of my school. However, I felt that this was, well a little excessive. Not to mention that once I was back it was time to play catch-up.

Being away from the halls and the staff room, I was unable to interact with those in the building. I wasn’t able to check in with my students to see how they were doing with their projects, vollyball games and with their reading programs. I was not there to support my staff in their teaching and their learning. I was absent to answer those parent questions and concerns.

What I learned from this little adventure, is that I need to look at my calendar very closely check to ensure that when I am out of the building that it is spaced reasonably. I also learned that even though I am not in the classroom, I can say that I still miss my students when I don’t see them. I think it is for thess reasons that I made sure that at the end of the day I was outside for supervision – wishing every student a Happy Thanks Giving and a great long weekend.


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