Increasing Communication and Awareness

As with any school, one large issue that is faced by my current school is trying to communicate effectively and efficiently with all staff, students and parents. Every month the staff and myself diligently create news letters, send notes home and even email to increase communication and awareness. When needed, we even fall back on the traditional formats such as making phone calls, and in some cases conduct home visits.  And now with the use of technology, send text messages. However, even with all these tools, many times messages and information is not shared, which not only decreases communication, but in some situations leaves parents out of the loop making them feel disconnected from the school.

I know that the school also has a website and information is shared on this site, but I wanted something more instant. I sought to communicate with parents whenever something note worthy occurred at the school. Call me a little slow, but it took chatting with some friends on Twitter to realize that I should not only create the school a Twitter account, but that I should also create the school a facebook page.

The set up was easy, and at present the posting and maintainence has also been easy; well……except for trying to load pictures. Depending on how Facebook is feeling, sometimes loading pictures takes 30 seconds and other times it takes …..a long time, which can be frustrating.

If you click on the individual pictures, assuming that I have set everything up correctly, it will take you to the appropriate site. The only part that scares me is trying to figure out whether I can keep up with everything.  Someone did, however, suggest Tweet Deck.


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