The Three R’s

Christmas break came late this school year. The last day of classes was the 23rd of December, which made everything feel extremely rushed. The last week of school felt as if I was in a hurricane, being pushed and pulled in many directions with not only things to be done at home in respect to Christmas, but also at school. Staff and students busily prepared for our Pirate Christmas concert, Food Bank and Santa’s Anonymous drive came to a close, there was our student of the month celebration, Elementary craft day as well as those meetings that were essential in respect to being an administrator. With everything complete, I was glad when the break started.  I was also anticipating a nice, small family vacation to Las Vegas after the New Year.

As always Christmas was filled with too much food, but plenty of memories and laughter. Now for the Three R’s in Vegas. I intended this year to enjoy the more relaxing elements.

Refreshment: I was able to enjoy some amazing food at some excellent restaurants, something I did not generally do when I previously visited Las Vegas. This time around I went to SPAGO’s (Wolfgang Puck) where I enjoyed some wonderful Duck and Braised Short Ribs followed by a mouth watering PBnJ Dessert to end the night. As well I enjoyed amazing meals at Raos, and Mesa.

Rejuvenate: It felt great to just hang out with my family, no time lines, no schedules, no pressing matters, with the most important decision being whether to buy something at the outlet store or where to eat next. This was also made easier by the fact that we spent more time interacting than inside the hotels and casinos.

Reflecting: You can not exactly call Las Vegas quiet, but it did allow me time to reflect on how my first year as an administrator was going, what I wanted to improve on or change in some areas and what I needed to get ready for my return to school. The latter of this was the hardest. I have found that one of the hardest things to do as a Principal is to plan my day. Although my schedule is generally open, many times my day is reactive, dealing with situations that arise from the goings on during the day and this has been, in my opinio,n one of the hardest elements to come to terms with. I suppose it will just take time.


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