It is the little things that are most notable.

As teachers and educators we often plan and organize our days so that we present everything in an appropriate and deliberate manner. We do this to ensure that we achieve all of our objectives when needed and in the method we intend, however it was pleasantly pointed out to me yesterday that it is the little things that we may do that are the ones that are most significantly noticed by people.

Prinicipals are often seen at school events and within the school. Principals are even often seen as coaches, however yesterday I was given the greatest compliment I have received this year by a parent and it was after two events that I did not plan or consider significant.

I am co-coach of Seba Beach’s developmental basketball team, and yesterday our team played a Darwell school. It was a great expereince for our players as this was only their third game of the year and it allowed our students to over come some diversity as we only had five players and played two teams, each whom had eight players. Seba did wonderfully, however during one intermission one of my other students ran across the court to get a hug from me. In addition, there was a lack of referees, so I stepped in with one of my Senior high players to ref. During an intermission my older student and I played one on one basketball while the teams rested and met with their coaches. I thought nothing of this event.

After the teams shook hands and the players were ready to go one of my parents, who is very active in my school, came to me to say that she was very impressed. I agreed saying that the students (players) did fabulously.  She corrected me saying that yes, the team did very well, but that she was more impressed by my behavior. I was confused and she clarified saying that in all her years as a parent it was a rare phoneomen to see a Principal hug a student. It was also very rare to see a Principal play one on one pick up with a student and that she and many of the other parents were very excited and happy about being able to witness it.

I thanked her for the compliment as it really meant a lot. While I was driving away I was reminded of a quote that holds very true for this experience.

“Ironically, making a statement with words is the least effective method.”  ~Grey Livingston


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