My First Year as Principal – What Have I learned

Seba Beach School

As the year draws to a close, on my first year as Principal of Seba Beach School. Not only only am I trying to finish all of the remaining items from this year, I am also reflecting and planning for the upcoming year.

Yes, I know, once a teacher always a teacher. The year is not even finished as there are still ten days left, but I am already planning and making decisions and changes for the next school year. Not something that I consider a bad thing, I should be planning and making decisions as the events of this year remain fresh in my mind.

As I reflect on my first year, I can honestly say that it was a year of exponential learning, at a pace that I would not always advise others to undertake. That being stated it has also been a year of growth and learning that has been just amazing. The experiences, opportunites and other elements of my position as Principal have once again rekindled my passion for education and learning.

Attempting to avoid a very long post, I think that I will make this a mutliple post topic of “What I have learned”, but here is a brief overview. This year I learned:

That an administrator makes just as many decisions in a day as a classroom teacher, however those decision may carry a larger impact.

That there are a significant amount of stakeholders in education, all of which need a voice at some point to relay their experiences and understandings.

That planning with the best of intentions, is just that planning. The putting into place or into action is the difficult element.

That there is some paper work that is unseen by most educators, but is vital to the operations and functioning of a school.

That an administrators actual job often begins at 3:15 when the bell rings for dismissal and the end of the school day.

That there are days when the items I intend to deal with at the begin of the school day will still be present at the end of the day.

That everyday is different with different issues and different solutions that can and will occur.

I look forward to having some time after the last two weeks come to a close to discuss what I have learned and to share my understandings and experiences. Please if you have any suggestions once the posts do start coming out, share I am am always willing to try new ideas to make learning more innovative and motivating.


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