What type of Relationship do you have with People.

A wonderful colleague and friend sent me this beautiful video. It is a touching video and although it can be applied to many contexts and situations it was not until recently that the true meaning and representation behind it hit me.

Like George Couros, Chris Wejr, Patrick Larkin and many other educators, I have written multiple posts on the importance of relationships in education. how education makes many of the elements of teaching and administration less complicated and easier to accomplish.

All to often we don’t think or realize the influence that we have on the lives of children, however through out the year our interactions and experiences with students determine whether our relationships with students and staff are either for a:

Season: Meaning that we will be part of a persons life for a short period of time, thus implying that our relationship will be on the less in-depth part of the spectrum.

Reason: Meaning that the relationship that is formed is to serve a specific purpose and that once that purpose in complete that most likely the relationship will dissolve.

Life Time: Well this should be obvious, these are the relationships that are most sought after and the most fulfilling.

I have found that the biggest thing about relationships is that they take work and that once we stop working at them the best of relationships can falter.

So, next time you are working with a student, making plans with a staff or simply meeting someone for coffee, keep in mind what type of relationship you want and act accordingly, but also know that it is the moments that take our breath away not the number of breaths we take that accurately represent our life.


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