Music in the West

I must start by being clear that this is not a complaining or venting post.

A large and complex struggle that occurs for rural schools, in my opinion is the access to the same level of community resources as our urban sister schools can. To be frank, the majority of activities that city schools are able to participate in, we out in Seba Beach cant and this is primarily due to distance and well cost. A great example of this happened two weeks ago when the majority of my grade 5-9 students travelled to see the theatrical presentation of The Pirates of Penzance, put on by one of our schools. The play was student acted and directed, which is wonderful the only draw back is that the students at my school had to travel roughly 45min one direction to watch the presentation and the drive the 45min to get back to school. Therefore a one and half hour presentation turned into roughly a four-hour escapade. Was it worth it? Of course, the students at my school were able to see their peers in a performance and were also able to go to a theater. This however is not something that can occur even on a every term basis, the amount of time lost and transportation cost makes it difficult.


On Behalf of Seba Beach Summer Village – Sgt. Young

The purpose for this post is to relay a wonderful opportunity that allowed for community resources to come to us. I was very pleased and excited when, late last month my divisions Resiliency Coordinator contacted me about the possibility of having an artist come out to the school to do a concert I was EXCITED. Felicia was able to coordinate her resources and work her magic, as always and was able to secure a morning concert to be played at Seba Beach School by Ridley Bent. With the ball now rolling and in play I was able to quickly coordinate with some of my other area schools and ensure that they would be able to attend.

So today, with a HUGE Thanks to The Summer Village of Seba Beach and Music Center Canada in Spruce Grove, AB the students of Seba Beach School, Entwistle School and Wabamun School were able to spend a morning not only listening to Ridley Bent and Chris Dunn play music, but were also able to interact with these two great artists. After SGT. Young presented Ridley with a token of appreciation on behalf of the Summer Village of Seba Beach, the students were presented with some great information about learning to play musical instruments like the guitar. The students were advised about opportunities and a number of programs and packages that would suit their schedule, lifestyle, and musical goals. During the concert it was wonderful to see the artists interacting between songs with the students, answering questions and over having a great time. The students clapped, tapped, cheered and danced to the music and were dancing out of the gym and back to class at the end of the concert.

Through some great work and collaboration on the part of Felicia O, The Summer Village of Seba Beach and Music Center Canada, our students were given an experience that they do not readily receive and were also given memories that they can always look back on. Therefore I would like to thank:

Felicia O., Sgt Young and The Summer Village of Seba Beach, Music Center Canada for allowing this event to occur.

Ridley Bent and Chris Dunn for their talented and marvelous music.

Mrs. Jonsson and Mr. Leadbetter for joining us from our division office.

Mr. Worthington (Entwistle) and Mr. Sydora (Wabamun) for bring their students and joining us at Seba Beach.

As well as all of the staff and students of all three schools for making this a great memory and a great experience. I hope that we are able to do this again in the future.


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