Where I am From

I’m from where the island meets the ice, where hockey tackles rubgy from the kitchen table which is the center of the family

I am from the stove where the fragrances of the east entice the air and add spice to every decision and conversation. I am from the jasmine, saffron and the wild rose that seduce the senses and intrigue the soul.  The Hibiscus, the palm and the mango tree whose sturdy trunks and and yearly perseverance exists in everything I do and how it.

I am from the Elephant, The symbol of absolute and from the family. I am the Anna, the thumbi , the mama, the dada and the aaga. I am from the eat together, laugh together and it is never too late.Where ties are strong, secrets are deep, traditions are sacred and consequences are heavy.

I am from the old castle and from the hurricanes, where knowledge is everything and music is the beat of ones soul. I am from hard work and no expectations. I am Canadian, Fijian, Tamilian yet I am from a hybrid of the two worlds.

Where Roti, Ahlo Machari, Proygies, steak and pizza all meet on one plate.

I am Hindu, although I am not. I practice more a way of life and in that I am redneck as being stubborn and outspoken is a part of my way of life. I am of the first generation, who’s parents came with a dream and an idea. I am the outcome, successes, mistakes and reforms of that dream. I am who I am . . . I am Shawn.

This is a small activity that was given to me as part of a reflective exercise. It allows on to look back and see what I have have done both professionally and personally and has influenced those decisions. I am thankful for Ms. Stiles, from Jasper Place High School in Edmonton for introducing the idea. 

I would suggest this activity for not just teachers but for all people. Look back understand where you are from as it will tell you where you are going to be going.



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